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Beverage Event Planning

The key to a successful party lies in the planning. Here at Butlers & Bars, we believe that the planning should be a collaborative effort between us and the party host. Accessibility is key, as questions and concerns are bound to arise as we get closer to the event date. Rest assured that our event planning specialists make themselves available to communicate with you through any medium possible, be it by phone, email, or face-to-face. We are excited to learn your unique party vision so we can make it a reality.

Our team will be by your side to assist you with your party planning every step of the way. From recommending decorations, to suggesting entertainment, music, and activities, to most importantly, providing you with delicious and professional drink service.

Open bar? Limited bar? Cash bar? : Pros and Cons

Once we know how many guests will be attending your party we will be able to suggest if a cash bar, limited bar, or open bar is best suited for your specific needs. We understand that weddings, engagement parties, and other celebrations can be costly. That's why we make your budget our primary concern.

While having an open bar is convenient, it is more expensive than a cash bar. Furthermore, an open bar may stray guests away from significant events such as seeing the cutting of the cake or hearing an important speech. On the other hand, guests may become disgruntled if they have to pay for drinks, causing the party to end earlier than you intended it to. A limited bar is happy medium between the two, but some of your guests may not like the options and consequently, will have to resort to non-alcoholic "mocktail" to quench their thirst.

When it comes to deciding on an open bar, cash bar, or limited bar, we trust that you are the best judge of your family, friends, and colleagues. We listen carefully to all of our Methuen clients to ensure that they make the right decision.

Pre-design bar packages

Butlers & Bars offers both top shelf and premium liquor packages to suit the taste and budget of all of our Methuen clients. If you are having a difficult time deciding if you want top shelf or premium spirits, beer, and wine, our team may be able to guide you to the right solution with our expansive knowledge of top-of-the-line brands and our cultivated drink palettes.